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A Great Selection of Ragtime - Jazz - Vaudeville - Roaring 1920's - Minstrel Recordings. 
Hear Sound Samples On-Line! Many are available on CD and Cassette.
(Recorded from 1899 to 1930)

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Each transfer is made using an exclusive state of the art the digital filtering system 
that has been developed over the last 30 years.

Several Items will have a symbol next to a song.
You can listen to a sound clip with the windows media player.

Each CD & Cassette is transferred from the Vintage Recordings
sound archives and is 1 hour in length. 
Information such as title, artist and recording dates are also included.

84 New & Exciting Releases !  62 are now available on CD!



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The Vintage Catalog is divided into 7 sections:



Ragtime & Minstrel Songs
The Ragtime & Minstrel Songs series is one of our most popular! Enjoy those syncopated rhythms and crazy lyrics that made this entertaining period of American music so popular.
Vocalists & Blues
The Vocalists & Blues series contain great renditions of songs that have become standards over the years. Each is performed by a famous artist of the period.
Vaudeville & Comic Songs
This series of recordings were made at the height of the Vaudeville Era (1905-1925). They are performed in a series of comic dialects that were popular during this period. These cuts are so funny that you will be rolling on the floor with laughter!

The Roaring 1920's
Enjoy that wild, wonderful time of the 1920's! Our Roaring 20's cassettes contain a nice mixture of jazz bands, vocalists and comic songs from the period.
Jazz Bands
Our Jazz Band tapes contain some of the best and hottest music by well known bands of the period. Many selections contain a vocal refrain that typifies the sound.
Early Vintage Country
Get ready to hear some of the best original country music around!
These extremely rare records represent some of the first country music ever recorded. Hot fiddle playing and twangy country vocals.

The Golden Age Of Opera
Some of the most exciting moments from Italian & French Grand Opera.
Sung by the great legends of the period.

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